Father: Thomas HENDRY
Mother: Ann MILLER

Family 1: Selina HOTCHKISS
  1. Samuel HENDRY
  2. Polly HENDRY
  3. Hannah HENDRY
  4. Samuel HENDRY
  5. Polly HENDRY
  6. Hannah HENDRY
  7. Betsy Ann HENDRY
  8. Betsy Ann HENDRY
  9. William HENDRY
                 |  |   __
                 |  |__|__
 _Thomas HENDRY _|
|                |      __
|                |   __|__
|                |__|
|                   |   __
|                   |__|__
|--David HENDRY 
|                       __
|                    __|__
|                 __|
|                |  |   __
|                |  |__|__
|_Ann MILLER ____|
                 |      __
                 |   __|__
                    |   __


Line in Record @I0008@ (RIN 8) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA1 Line in Record @I0008@ (RIN 8) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA2 There is considerable material that sheds light on what David did when he left Harpersfield. In a way, he and his family, was just part of the continuing migration of the Hendrys first west to Lake Erie, then south along the lake shores, then west to Sandusky and then on to Angola, Indiana and Michigan. David's oldest surviving son, a Samuel Hendry, ended up in Oberlin, OH after having spent some time in Brest, Monroe County Michigan. A letter from this Samuel to the Ashtabula Sentinal in 1856 tells of this Samuel's involvement in Ashtabula County in the War of 1812. May Colling, a Historian, in Ashtabula Ohio, 1131 West 8th St., Ashtabula, Ohio, 44004. has come up with some very good source material on the Hendrys. Not the least important thing she has come up with is a notation from the Harper family bible that places the birth of John A. Harper in August of 1705 in the parish of Newtownlimavady, County Derry. That is as close as I have ever come to finding a place of origin for the Hendrys in Northern Ireland. That of course assumes that the Hendrys and Harpers were neighbors in Ireland before the Harpers emmigrated. David's first four children, a son and three daughters died in infancy. Notes by A. Hendry David Hendry enlisted in the Revolutionary army on April 24 1776 and was taken prisoner in August of 1777. He moved to Harpersfield Ohio where his last child, William, was born. He became the first treasurer of Ashtabula County and served from 1811 to 1814. He owned 200 acres lying on both sides of what is now State Route 84. "Walter Main Road Cemetery was deeded by David Hendry in 1825. It is used as the townships 'Potters Field'." Colonel Robert Harper, War of 1812, and builder of Shandy Hall is burried here. History of Ashtabula County by Taylor. Records in held by the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland state David Hendry was a stone mason and came to Ohio from somewhere in New Hampshire. There is no evidence beyond this note to support the New Hampshire connection. Available records support the conclusion that David came to Ashtabula County directly from Harpersfield, NY. After his death, David Hendry's property passed to his son William. Selina Hotchkiss Hendry, David's widow, received a widow's pesion (David's war service) on Sept 8, 1840. David Herndry served on the first Grand Jury of Ashtabula County.

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