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Decendants of James Harper

Sailed from Londonderry, 1720
Landed at Casco Bay, Province of Maine
New York

to the 4 corners

The American experience of personal freedom and civil peace would be inconceivable without a religious grounding and a predominantly Christian inspiration. The reason is simple What we believe about God shapes what we believe about man. And what we believe about man shapes what we believe about the purpose and proper structure of human society. So it should surprise no one that at the heart of American life is a Christian-informed definition of what it means to be human.
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Updated 9/15/20 - Immigration to the New World (In Members Only area)

Updated 12/15/17 - Research behind Move from NY to Ohio, 1798 (In Members Only area)
Updated 12/31/15 - Research behind Life in Boston (In Members Only area)
Updated 3/2/14 - New letter comes to light (click on Shandy Hall - above-right)
Updated 12/01/13 - Immigration to a New World
Updated 4/24/13 - Deeper Roots - Our Scots-Irish heritage
Updated 3/18/13 - Hendry descendancy comes to light
Updated 4/21/12 - Research behind Ohio Harper family in the War of 1812

Updated 8/1/11 - Research behind Electa Harper article in Members Only area
Updated 5/2/11 - Research behind Martha E Harper article in Members Only area
Updated 11/2/10 -
1939 Shandy Hall Article
Updated 5/4/10 - Index to Harper Newsletters
Updated 4/13/10 - Defend the American Dream

Updated 11/11/09 - Harpersfield Raid (See Members Only area)
Updated 2/5/09 - Baptism Record for Alexander Harper in Research section of Members Only area
Updated 11/11/08 - Unidentified Family Photos at Shandy Hall
MAJOR UPDATE 3/6/08 - Documented Family
Updated 2/17/08 - New Indenture transcribed (See Family Papers in Members Only area)
Updated 2/8/08 - Updated 2008 Family Reunion Information and Registration form

Updated 2/8/08 - Col.John Harper reference maps, documents, etc. in Research area
Updated 7/8/07 - Input Form for Direct Descendant Military Service
Updated 7/11/07 - Listing of Harper family Military Service in Members Only section.
Updated 6/25/07 - Shandy Hall War of 1812 Reenactment
Updated 3/4/07 -
1820 maps for 3 Twp's. in NE Ohio incl. lots in
                            Members Only Section
Updated 2/28/07 -
Updated material in Members Only Section
1/4/07 Correction to Hand Photo Page - 4 Generations identified
Updated 12/6/05 - Margaret (Harper) Gallt Family
Updated 3/15/05 - Mary (Harper) Moore Family

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