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NEW AREA 2/9/11
Honored Family for Military Service
New Primary documents added  
Rare Family Papers (Deeds, etc.)
  Family Archive
  Member area MAPS of Family interest
Family Wills transcribed
Gallt Family (Margaret Harper b. 1739 married William Gallt II)
  Douglass Family (Wife of Joseph Harper b.1742)
  Contributors Pictures of 2003 Harper Reunion
2002 War of 1812 Reenactments
New flower beds on west side of Shandy Hall
  Shandy Hall Open House May, 2001
  Family Signatures
  Alexander and Elizabeth Grandchildren (Pictures)
  John A. Harper Family Descendancy
  Alexander Harper Family member only Forum
 NEW AREA 11/11/08
Unidentified Family Photos at Shandy Hall
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