Father: Thomas HENDRY
Mother: Ann MILLER

                 |  |   __
                 |  |__|__
 _Thomas HENDRY _|
|                |      __
|                |   __|__
|                |__|
|                   |   __
|                   |__|__
|--Thomas HENDRY 
|                       __
|                    __|__
|                 __|
|                |  |   __
|                |  |__|__
|_Ann MILLER ____|
                 |      __
                 |   __|__
                    |   __


Line in Record @I0003@ (RIN 3) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA1 Line in Record @I0003@ (RIN 3) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA2 This Thomas did not marry and left no heirs. When "Thomas Hendry" is mentioned in the earl y Delaware County records (Then Albany or Tyrone County), there is sometimes confusion as t o whether the reference is to Thomas Sr. the father, or Thomas Jr. the son. For example, a T homas Hendry settled on Lot 53 on the original Harpersfield patent. Was this the father Thom as or the son Thomas? It seem likely that the Thomas who owned the land was the father. However, the Thomas Hendr y who was named a 2nd Major in the company raised by the Committee of safety, was likely Thom as the son. No documents have been found that would answer these questions for certain. The stone raised in the Harpersfield Rural Cemetery (Stevens Cemetery) in memorial reads: "Sacred to the memory of Thomas and John Hendry, who were sacrificed by the Tory party, Apr. 8, 1780, for the crime called democracy. When British and Tjories o're this land held sway, a less cruel Indian my body did slay. Thos. Hendry" On the same stone: "When my brother was murdered I was standing by; but in Quebec dungeon I was doomed to die. John Hendry." Thomas was probably killed on original Lot 37.

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