William HENDRY

Father: Thomas HENDRY
Mother: Ann MILLER

Family 1: Catherine HALL
  1. John HENDRY
  2. William HENDRY
  3. Thomas HENDRY
  4. Polly HENDRY
  5. Catherine HENDRY
                 |  |   __
                 |  |__|__
 _Thomas HENDRY _|
|                |      __
|                |   __|__
|                |__|
|                   |   __
|                   |__|__
|--William HENDRY 
|                       __
|                    __|__
|                 __|
|                |  |   __
|                |  |__|__
|_Ann MILLER ____|
                 |      __
                 |   __|__
                    |   __


Line in Record @I0011@ (RIN 11) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA1 Line in Record @I0011@ (RIN 11) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA2 This is the ancestor of John Wesley Hendry III of Fridley, Minnesota. He was the fifth and youngest son of Thomas Hendry and Ann Miller. Cyrenus Gibbs was appointed guardian on Sept 23 1806 for William's children, William (18) Polly (12) and Caty (7). [Book A Guardianship Records Delaware County Court House, Delhi, NY.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On October 25, 1819, Roswell Hotchkiss executed a warrenty deed in respect of the heirs of William Hendry. The following is a transcription of a written copy of the deed received Ashtabula County, Ohio October 14, 1836 and recorded October 27, 1836. ROSWELL HOTCHKISS TO THE HEIRS OF WILLIAM HENDRY dec. Warranty Deed To all people to whom these presents shall come greeting. Know ye that I Roswell Hotchkiss of Harpersfield in the County of Deleware and State of New York for the consideration of ten dollars received to my full satisfaction of Catharine Bryan wife of Zachariah Bryan, Polly Buckingham wife of William Buckingham, Catharine Bryan, wife of Clark Bryan, all of Harpersfield in the State of New York, John Hendry and William Hendry of Harpersfield in the State of Ohio, all heirs at law of the late William Hendry deceased, do give grant, bargain and sell to the said heirs of said Wm Hendry deceased and to their heirs and assigns forever, all that certain undivided piece or parcel of land situate lying & being in the township N. Eight in the second range in the County of Ashtabula in the State of Ohio being twenty four acres drawn to the share of said William Hendry from the Harpersfield land Company, to be taken out of the undivided moiety of said company's lands in said town from the North East section as divided between the first & second classes of said company subject to all charges for taxes which are or may have been levied on said lands, since the year 1810. Also, twelve acres of land out of the North end of lot N: One hundred and forty nine, or the residue of Lot N one hundred and forty nine in the town of Harpersfield in the County of Ashtabula and the state of Ohio after deducting one hundred acres heretofor sold to Joel Gaylord off the Southerly part of said lot, be the same more or less toghther with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging- To Have and To Hold the above described land and premises to the aforesaid heirs of William Hendry, deceased and to their heirs and assigns and to their own proper use benefit & behoof forever and furthermore I the said Roswell Hotchkis do for myself and my heirs and assigns engage to Warrant and Defend the above granted and described premises to the said heirs of said William Hendry, deceased, against all claims and demands of any person or persons lawfully claiming the same by from or under me, or my heirs and assigns forever- In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen In presence of Aaron Wheeler In (?) Hotchkis State of Ohio Ashtabula County (?) Signed Roswell Hotchkis I certify that on the 13th day of October A:D: 1819 Roswell Hotchkis the signer & sealer of the within instrument, personally came before me and acknowledged that he executed the same as his free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therin expressed. Received October 14: 1836 And Recorded October 27: 1836 R: Harper, Master Com. in Chancery for Ashtabula County (???) B(?). Gaylord Dep. Records. THE ABOVE WARRANTY DEED WAS FOUND IN VOLUME T OF THE "DEED RECORDS" ASHTABULA COUNTY OHIO

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