Father: Thomas HENDRY
Mother: Ann MILLER

Family 1: Mehitabel HALL
  1. James HENDRY
  2. Reuben HENDRY
  3. Ruth HENDRY
  4. Samuel HENDRY
                 |  |   __
                 |  |__|__
 _Thomas HENDRY _|
|                |      __
|                |   __|__
|                |__|
|                   |   __
|                   |__|__
|--James HENDRY 
|                       __
|                    __|__
|                 __|
|                |  |   __
|                |  |__|__
|_Ann MILLER ____|
                 |      __
                 |   __|__
                    |   __


Line in Record @I0004@ (RIN 4) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA1 Line in Record @I0004@ (RIN 4) from GEDCOM file not recognized: _FA2 This is my direct ancestor. Much more can, I think, be done. I would like to find out what James did between 1746 and the time he was killed in 1780. He was thirty-five years old when he was killed and left behind a wife, Mehitabel Hall Hendry and four children. The memorial head stone in Harpersfield Rural Cemetery, (Stevens Cemetery) Harpersfield, reads as follows. "In Memory of Mr. James Hendry Who was killed by Indians and Tories April 8, 1780 in the 35th year of his age. While British tyranny O'erspread this land I was slain by cruel hands." Mehitabel Hall Hendry, after the death of James moved east with her four children to Blandford, MA where she had relatives. In 1783 she married a Mr. Alexander Morrison and, in 1802 or 1803, moved west to Worthington, Ohio having joined a colony organized by James Killionen an agent of the Scotia Land Company. Of James' children, James, Reuben and Samuel returned to Harpersfield, NY (see note below). Ruth, the daughter, apparently moved west with her mother . Just where James Hendry was killed on April 8, 1780 has been a matter of some debate. Some records indicate he was with his brother Thomas on "Lot 37". Others who tell the story say he was killed on "Lot 41". Morrison and Company of Ovid, New York who published the "History of Delaware County Ney York" in 1880 refer to both lots as the probable place where James was killed. "But," Morrison says, page 222, "nearly all who have heard it spoken of by the Thorps and Patchins agree in placing it near the northwest corner of lot 41, now owned by the heirs of Stoddard Stevens, about forty rods from the road leading to North Harpersfield, and close to the east side of the road leading to John B. Gaylord's; the spot is marked by a cluster of maple trees." The distance, in a straight line, between the spot on Lot 37 where Thomas was killed and the spot on Lot 41 where James was said to have been killed is almost exactly one mile. Credence is given to the probability of two different sites in a deposition filed by Levi Gaylord in 1840. In the deposition, Levi Gaylord indicates the pile of stones marking the spot where James Hendry was killed was on the lot next to his and that the stones marking the spot where Thomas Hendry was killed was located on David Hendry's farm on Lot 37. Levi Gaylord's farm was on Lot 19 which adjoins Lot 41 at its southwest corner. This is consistent with the description given by Morrison above. One day I will go and look at both spots. I have not found James Hendry listed as a lot holder on any of the lot owner lists. Improtant note. Alonzo W. Hendry, a grandson of this James Hendry wrote in 1891 that all three of the sons o f James Hendry and Mehitabel (Hall) Hendry went back to Harpersfield, Dalaware County, New Yo rk before moving farther west, James to Aurora, Ohio, Reuben to Twinsburg, Ohio and Samuel t o Eden, Erie County, New York. It is probable that James and Reuben married in Harpersfiel d and moved west as early as the 1790's.

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